Maria Carolina Tranberg Brühl

Maria Carolina Tranberg Brühl is an Astronomer from Bogotá Colombia, with studies in Quantum and Relativist Physics. Maria Carolina Tranberg Brühl is the first Latin American woman to lead an Astronomical Observatory at Instituzione Leonardo Da Vinci.

Se is a member of one of the leading Astronomy Associations since 19 years; Association of Astronomers in Colombia (ASASAC).

She is a writer and an experienced Public Speaker. As such, she is devoted to spreading the understanding of science and astronomy in a popular science context to a larger audience. Her unique knowledge is an inspiration and she presents her science and theories with enthusiasm and great skill.

Jörgen Tranberg

Jörgen Tranberg has a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (N. M. D., N.D.) degree from the US and has been active as a Complementary Medicine Therapist for over 30 years He is a Complementary Medicine Therapist and Craniosacral Osteopath who trains doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and many other therapists. In the early 90s on, he was trained in the United States. He also immersed himself in the Buddhist doctrine, and in the quantum physical laws. In the 80s Jörgen was also trained as an Acupuncturist. Since 2000 he is active in Sweden with both a practice and training institutes.

Jörgen is a recognized lecturer who engages and enthuses large audiences throughout the world with the interconnectedness of quantum physics, the body’s hormone system, the embryo stage and how all this affects us. He has an amazing ability to explain how people function psychologically, mentally and spiritually. He also has a solid grasp of the universe works and can draw parallels to the micro- and macrocosmos, building bridges between science and compassion.

’The Connected Universe’ Talk
Scala Theatre April 16 2018, at 5-9.30 pm
Creating a Life in Global Compassion
We are very happy to share the information about our cooperation with Nassim Haramein and Resonance Science Foundation. We look forward to create an exchange of seminars, meetings and information about the subjects we have in common: Cosmos, the interconnectedness and how humanity is affected by and interact with the Universe.
Nassim Haramein will also be our guest at our Event on 19-22 October 2017, Connecting Universes - Creating a Life in Global Compassion at Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad, Sweden. This is his first visit to Sweden and Scandinavia and during this seminar he will share his ground breaking theories and knowledge about how we are all connected through a fundamental geometry of space.